Jaap van Turnhout

Jaap van Turnhout

Software Engineer

Hello! I'm Jaap, 33 years old and I'm a Software Engineer.

I'm currently located in Tilburg (area), the Netherlands. Aside from software development I enjoy the outdoor, (motor)sport and tapping a homebrew. Want to know what I can do for you? Send me a message.

Work Experience

  • Freshheads
    Backend Developer
    2018 - present

    Medior Backend Developer and "head" @Freshheads.

  • Ecommany B.V.
    Software Engineer
    2009 - 2018

    Senior software engineer for a variety of clients (mainly in the medical/high-tech sector). My job includes; software development, architectural design, testing, server administration, customer support and implementing Salesforce communities.

  • Web2be
    Software Engineer
    2007 - 2009

    Continued my job as a web developer.

  • Web2be
    Junior Software Engineer

    Internship - As a junior (PHP) software engineer I helped creating (custom) web applications for a variety of clients.

  • Dewi Consultancy

    Internship - First/second line customer support.

  • Den Akker
    System Administrator
    2004 - 2005

    Internship - Assistant administrator at an elementary school. My job involved both maintaining the IT infrastructure as well as providing technical support and helping teachers with computer lessons.

Education & Projects

The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition)
Heroku + NodeJS

Moved onto the Heroku platform using NodeJS!

This means, re-writing the PHP back-end logic in JavaScript. In this case, ontop of the Express web application framework.

git push heroku



Added some sanity to Jaap.sh. Sanity is a fully customizable Headless CMS that provides content as data over its API. Prior to Sanity, Jaap.sh used Doctrine to query against a local database. This is no longer the case and Jaap.sh now uses Sanity as its data source.


Jaap.sh was brewed using the following ingredients:

  1. Symfony 4 > Express (NodeJS)
  2. Sanity (Headless CMS)
  3. Bootstrap 4
  4. FontAwesome 5
  5. jQuery
  6. Masonry (+imagesLoaded)
  7. ...

Created a DKIM Signer to sign Zend\Mail messages in Zend Framework projects.

php composer require fastnloud/zf2-dkim

Zend Certified Engineer

Successfully followed the course to become a PHP 5.3 Zend Certified engineer. You can find me in the yellow pages.

IT Administrator

Graduated as IT Administrator (ICT-beheerder - 4, MBO).

Partial qualifications:

  1. Developing information systems
  2. Managing information systems
  3. Setting up and operating a service desk
  4. Develop and maintain applications


CSS3 Webpack Composer Java PhpStorm Git OOP C# Apex DML SOAP Symfony IntelliJ IDEA Zend Framework HTML5 Bash JavaScript MySQL SASS Express jQuery Homebrew DKIM Doctrine NodeJS Gulp Templating REST Bootstrap WordPress Salesforce PHP Twig Subversion Apex Admin Sanity.io

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